Free to Fight Zine

This is a repost of the Free to Fight zine from 1995. It was part of a larger project – a booklet and a record – for self defense for women. It’s currently on the Wayback Machine (with mp3s!!!) but it seems best to mirror it elsewhere, so here we are. As Wikipedia says:

Free to Fight is a project consisting of a 1995 double album and booklet, and a single later released by Candy Ass Records.

The release is subtitled “an interactive self-defense project.” The theme of the project is self-defense for women, and it includes records featuring all-women bands and a 75-page booklet with writings, comics, and graphics by Cynthia Star, Rachel Hanes, Julia Toews, Robin V. Bowser, Nina Landey, Maria Mercedes, bell hooks, Roberta Gregory, Penny Van Horn, Kirsten Ostherr, Laura Sister Nobody, Rachel, Jeannie La France, Alice Stagg, Moira Bowman, Alicia Cohen, Christine Denkewalter, Margaret Denkelwalter, Ellen Crofts, Shannon, Jo, Sara Stout, Lisa Addario, Lake, Bridget Irish, Nikki McClure, Stella Marrs, Staci Colter, Jody Bleyle and Anna LoBianco. The recordings also include self-defense instructions and personal testimonies.

It was released as a double album, on two 12″ vinyl records, and also released simultaneously as a CD.

The recording was spotlighted in the 1997 documentary film She’s Real by Lucy Thane, which featured interviews with Candy Ass Records owner Jody Bleyle about the inspiration behind Free To Fight, as well as the practical aspects of releasing it.

This project was continued as a 7-inch split single with Sleater-Kinney and Cypher in the Snow, also on Candy Ass Records, released in 1998.

The original zine was meant for women and girls (I’m going to assume they meant ALL women and girls because that’s the world I choose to live in.) Up to you as to whether or not you continue that intention. This is the kind of fierce reminder to protect ourself we need. It has both practical tips and stories of attempted assaults – might be hard to read in places. But so important.

If you made this zine, and you want it down/want to add anything, please contact me:

FreeToFight <– click that to read.


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